Vish | WS [QTY: 20]


Estimated Processing Time : 15 – 30 Business Days

Add Luxurious, aesthetic vibes to your home decor.

Dalmend candles are completely hand sculpted and hand-poured. They are 100% natural wax. sometimes our candles can have a slight frost over the surface, to remove this just gently smooth your finger or cloth over the surface in a circular motion.

    Please make sure that before burning, your candle is placed on a flat and heatproof surface. Do not leave the candle unattended.
  • Measurements  ………………  3 x 5 x 7.5(h) inches

Burning Time: Approx. 8 Hours

Vish | WS [QTY: 20]


Enhance Your Living Space

We use all natural waxes, thus our candles do not give off toxic byproducts and heavy soot when burned. Some types of candles produce traces of chemicals known to be carcinogenic, but this is not the case with Dalmend Candles. Burning our candles can aid in stress relief and meditation. The natural scent of beeswax can calm without being overwhelming as artificially scented candles can sometimes be. 

Beeswax burns the bright, pure, and closest to the natural sunlight spectrum. If the candles are to be used as a light source, this can help minimize eye strain and reduce headaches!

We chose the healthiest and most natural ingredients in our candles despite the increase in complexity of our candle-making process, higher production time, and higher cost. During our journey to create the Dalmend Candle, we knew we wanted a sexy, healthy, one-of-a kind candle for our homes.

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