Enamel Copper C-2043-A-000016

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Guaranteed Artistic Originality

These are Minakari plates on copper that are processed in a furnace at a temperature of 800 degrees and processed and glazed on copper vessels.

 Minakari or Mīnākārī, pronounced: meenaakari or meenakari) is the process of painting and colouring the surfaces of metals and ceramic tiles through enamelling. It is practised as an art form and commercially produced mainly in, Pakistan and India and Persian (the term Kundan is more widely used in India). Mīnākārī art usually involves intricate designs (mainly using geometric shapes and designs) and is applied as a decorative feature to serving dishes, containers, vases, frames, display ornaments and jewellery.

  • Materials: Copper
  • Width: 20 centimetres
  • Depth: 3 centimetre


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