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Arts and handicrafts have been staples of societies with a civilization that dates back thousands of years as urban life and civilization compelled people to invent tools and industries. The civilization usually prospered under the reign of magnificent empires and monarchies. Obviously, since Iran is a 5000 old civilization with rich culture and traditions, there’s a staggering variety in the arts and handicrafts. In almost all ethnic groups, regions and geographies of Iran, we witness a lasting art of handicraft, making the introduction of handicraft artisan a difficult, if not impossible, task for us. The hospitable Iranian people all over the country with different climates have embraced the handicraft art and embedded it in their lives. The art that’s not limited to aesthetics, but rather is a crucial aspect of their routine lives. We believe the Iranian handicraft art should inhabit Iranian homes and not the museums, galleries and stores.


These are Minakari plates on copper that are processed in a furnace at a temperature of 800 degrees and processed and glazed on copper vessels.

 Minakari or Mīnākārī, pronounced: meenaakari or meenakari) is the process of painting and colouring the surfaces of metals and ceramic tiles through enameling. It is practiced as an art form and commercially produced mainly, Pakistan and India and Persian (the term Kundan is more widely used in India). Mīnākārī art usually involves intricate designs (mainly using geometric shapes and designs) and is applied as a decorative feature to serving dishes, containers, vases, frames, display ornaments and jewelry.

This Plate is all handmake and painting 
The material is copper.

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The production of Turquoise Inlaying includes two general stages :
  • Goldsmith is making and preparation of the object intended for Turquoise Inlaying using one of the metals indicated above.
  • Turquoise Inlaying correct placement of turquoise chips on the metal so that it is strong enough and the chips do not come off while burnishing the work.

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Paisley is for presenting original artworks catering to your day-to-day needs, therefore, you have easy access to the artistic and creative Iranian creations. We’re looking to support Iranian art and artists, has organized a comprehensive chain of design, production, packaging, and distribution of Iranian handicrafts and artworks. The goal of bringing together such a collection is to institutionalize the culture of using Iranian handicrafts, to promote the international stance of these products, to collaborate with the international institutes of arts and handicrafts.

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